Interview with Co-founder of SecondLife Cory Ondrejka

June 25, 2007

I admit that Second Life is a very sticky platform and I have become addicted not necessarily to leading another life in a virtual world. What I have become addicted to, is the possibility of a 3D web and the idea. The idea has captured my imagination. I see enormous potential and opportunities for anyone who is creative and gets a kick out of making things. Put simply my curiosity about Second Life is in overdrive.

An interesting interview with Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Linden Labs Cory Ondrejka is available as a podcast from Kiruba Shankar. It’s always interesting to hear the back story to a project and future projections for where the 3D web might go, so as one of the founders of Second Life I enjoyed listening to this as I tried to tame the mess that is my studio.


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