Virtual objects sell

June 23, 2007

I am sure that within a few years there will be a well established population of designer/makers who produce virtual objects for use in virtual worlds. There are of course people already doing this but they are as yet not mainstream and often self taught.

It was the same in the early days of the web. People rolled up their sleeves and learnt html in order to make web sites. Of course their early efforts were rough and lacked visual sophistication. Some loved the process and kept doing it, learning more and developing their skill. They became the basis of what is now a recognised industry. An industry of web designers.

I can see the same thing happening for those people who love working with 3D objects. There will be some who become designers of virtual objects and environments in which to place these objects.

As Susan Wu points out very clearly Virtual Goods are the next big business model.

The virtual worlds space has received tremendous press attention in the last year, fueled in no small part by Wild West stories of fortune and anarchy in worlds like Second Life and the plight of the Chinese gold farmer in World of Warcraft. But people aren’t paying attention to the bigger story. While people preoccupy themselves with mocking the absurdities of some of these virtual worlds, the reality is that there are many businesses out there making meaningful amounts of money in virtual goods.

Read the article to see the figures which are in their millions.

Virtual worlds allow people to exernalise their imagination and as such people will want objects and environments to reflect who they feel they are. For anyone who has any form digital skill and is willing to build on those skills virtual worlds are an interesting development in technology.


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