Education in Second Life

June 23, 2007

Educators Lindy McKeown and Jo Kay share their perspectives on Second Life in a podcast on the edna.edu.au site. A transcript is also available.

So think as a starting point it definitely has possibilities for addressing some of the needs that distance learners express in terms of not necessarily feeling so connected to their learning communities.

But on top of that there’s a whole range of other opportunities in terms of experiential learning, so being able to get out there into the world in Second Life and actually put your learning into practice.

A great example of that is the Gipps TAFE project where they had students doing both interior design and hospitality projects where they were developing workplace communications skills and in terms of the interior design projects, they were looking at developing client relationship skills. They are just a couple of the possibilities.

Of course there’s all sorts of opportunities for exploring identity, for developing very immersive resources, and educational experiences for students to engage in, roleplaying, the list goes on.

There is also a wiki Second life in education run by Jo Kay and Sean Fitzgerald which aims to provide an overview of the educational possibilities of virtual worlds, with a focus on Second Life.

Found via the wiki is this introduction to second life for educators.

I also found this while I was surfing and since it is on the same topic I thought I would include it here. Education in Second Life: Explore the Possibilities is a short video pointing out the many ways teachers can make learning experiential in Second Life.

Discovered via del.icio.us


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