A Virtual Starry Night

June 19, 2007

When I was little I used to look at paintings and always wonder what was in this world? Old Dutch masters, some works of the Italian Renaissance, the Pre-Raphaelites and paintings of Impressionism particularly used to trigger the question. I was always wanting to know what was behind that door, down that ally way, just past that park bench, or through that wood.

My childish imagination would step into the painting and I would make whole worlds in which I had fantastic adventures and met fantastic people. Last night the child in me was triggered when I discovered Vincent van Gogh’s paintings in 3D in Second Life.

I wandered about Virtual Starry Night totally delighted and ran from building to building sitting on things and looking about. I really was a big hyperactive kid that delighted in the experience. Virtual Starry Night still has areas under construction but that did not take anything away from my excitement at discovering it. There are 3D areas in which you can walk through the paintings and ‘gallery areas’ in which you can see paintings in 2D.

I know that this will have the art theory folks asking questions as there are a load of issues re-interpreting works of art in this manner and some more conservative folks may wonder if we should really do this to our cultural icons but the teacher in me immediately thought about how useful a teaching resource this would be and the child in me wanted to do cart wheels.

The SLURL for Virtual Starry Night is http://slurl.com/secondlife/luctesa/113/201/66

Thanks for link goes to Natalia Zelmanov

Poking around online I found this video on YouTube


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