Art in RL and SL

June 15, 2007

Danish artist Glenn Moust works with paint, press cuttings and found ephemera in a haunting and evocative manner as he explores the complexities of negotiating life.

Glenn Moust’s site is interesting in itself as it houses images of his collages, painting and his artists books.

In describing his work Moust states that his work

… consists of collages of press cuttings. I use paint, spray and other materials to alter their original representation and bring them into new contexts – and thereby make new interpretations possible.

Recently Glenn Moust has placed his work into a new context of a different sort, that of a gallery in Second Life. The gallery is located in Achlya I took a trip there and was surprised to find that the works are monumental.

The interesting thing about browsing a 3D virtual gallery is that there is a relationship between the viewers body and the piece. This is something that can not be ‘felt’ on a 2D website. Often art works are online and although the dimensions are provided there is no physical response to the size of the object but in 3D virtual gallery if you have to make your avatar step back in order to “see” the image the size and the relationship to the human body is apparent.

The other aspect that sent my mind off on its own little tangent was that these works in life are not monumental. By situating in them in this virtual context Moust has shifted the viewers relationship to the pieces.


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