Conference presentation in Second Life

June 2, 2007

The other evening I logged into Second Life and attended a presentation given by Laurence Johnson (aka Larry Pixel) the keynote for the Conference on Instructional Technologies

There is a bit of a backstory to this event, as bad weather made it impossible for Larry to make the flight to the conference so at the last minute Second Life was used as a venue. The presentation was projected at the conference and there was an added advantage that you could ‘attend’ in second life.

Larry spoke about his research findings in the 2007 Horizon Report . The presentation did not go without a hitch, as even though the event was announced at the last minute about 60 people turned up at the Gonick Amphitheatre and it overloaded the sim bringing it down. However, all was not lost as IM messages were soon sent around and the presentation proceeded in a different venue.

This is very new technology. I think we are just at the start of figuring out how 3D virtual worlds may be used. Sure there will be many that first see the technical failures of the technology and not the technical possibilities of where the technology might lead which is unfortunate.

Since it was the first time I had attended an ‘event’ like this in Second Life I was interested, intrigued and I didn’t nod off, which considering it was past midnight in Australia and I am not a late night person is saying something!

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